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4th Grade

2019/2020 Class Supply List

Personal - All Students Need ...

Five Composition Notebooks (wide ruled)

One Box of Crayola Crayons 24 count

One Box colored pencils 12 count

**NO Binders Please - they won’t fit in our desks!

**NO Pencil Boxes - one will be provided

Marching Band Instrument by mid September

Supplies to Share much appreciated, but not mandatory.

Items most needed are in bold print

Kleenex Tissues

Pencils (Dixon or Ticonderoga)

Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Wipes

Wide ruled binder paper

Paper Towels


Baby Wipes

Ziploc Bags - Quart or Gallon size

Plastic Forks or Spoons

Paper Plates (not styrofoam)

Dry Erase Marker

Recess Rules

    • Keep hands to ourselves
    • Think win-win - everyone plays
    • Follow 4 square and tetherball rules
    • Flag or two-hand touch football - can’t go through 4-square
    • Stay within boundaries
    • Ask permission from an adult for bathroom or drinks
    • Rocks and dirt stay on the ground
    • Don’t climb the fences
    • Balls don’t belong on the roof
    • Stay away from the buildings including the 4th grade dirt and window area

Learning Bridge Lunch Rules/Procedures

    • Use your manners
    • Stay seated
    • Sit on pockets
    • Use your inside voice
    • Raise your hand if you need anything

Please pack your own utensils and paper goods

    • Clean up after yourself & check the floor
    • Stay seated until your table is dismissed for recess
    • Please ask to use the restroom
    • 3-8 daily drawings will select a table to help clean the lunchroom
    • No students in the kitchen
    • No food in the water fountains


    • Line up in your classes SINGLE FILE FACING THE FENCE
    • Walkers and bikers line up at the gate (if you don’t know, stay with your class)
    • After school students stay inside
    • Students who don’t know if they are in the afterschool program, stay in their lines outside
    • Watch for your car
    • Listen for your name
    • Quiet voices
    • No playing around
    • No climbing
    • Move toward the fence as the line shortens