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Future Students

2016-2017 Learning Bridge reached Maximum Student Enrollment! 180 Students fill each class with 20 students Kindergarten - 8th Grade.

Learning Bridge was approved for a subsection 7 charter on February 10, 2012. Learning Bridge Charter School was officially opened on September 9th, 2014.

Learning Bridge serves grades K-8 (all-day Kindergarten).

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible in case an opening becomes available.

Registration Forms:

The following forms will need to be completed before the student may begin school after lottery has taken place:

Student Information Form

Student Health Needs

Authorization of Release of Records

Family Commitment

Home Language Survey

Residency Questionnaire

These forms are available to download from the website by clicking on the form or you may pick them up at the school.

In addition to these forms, guardians must bring:

Copy of Student's Birth Certificate

Copy of Student's Immunization Record

Copy of legal guardian's driver's license, for address verification

All forms must be completed to be included for your child to attend class.