Saturday, October 14th 5th Annual Fall Festival!!
Arts in the Park August 4th & 5th Learning Bridge will have a booth selling student paintings.

Learning Bridge participated in the Fun Friday events this summer hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.
April Poetry Month
Poetry Night - April 3, 2017

Dolphins are awesome
I am constantly amazed
They leap through the air
                - Caleb

Rain in the forest
It will knock me over soon
It is still raining
            - Caleb

Uranus is tippee
Ring all around
A few moons
Never is hot
Uranus is up in space
Seventh planet in orbit
    -Chloe (6)

On mom
Energetic Person
    - Chloe (6)

The school

I love the school it is fun

We dance sing, play

and run, it is fun.

I like the teachers

They are cool

The work is hard

We learn from it.

My poem has ended

It, is time to go now!